make your own comix collection

Feel free to get and use my perl script hncc (Heikos new Comix Collector) to build these pages on your own machine. It is not yet as polished as i would wish (it has grown historically...) but it works quite well. The description mechanisms used in the comix.lst could use a lot more explanation and documentation however. You need: once you installed perl, put and comix.lst together into one directory, make a subdirectory download and try to run

 perl -v -A 0.1 -d download comix.lst 
(the -v parameter (verbose) shows the progress of downloading, the -A number parameter describes the probability of watching the sites advertisements [in this case the script downloads all of the ad banners it finds and 'clicks thru' with a 10% probability - and immeadietly (sp?) discards them after download])

then you will get

If you get an error about ...Module LWP not found... your perl installation is missing the lib-www-perl package (which makes ist easy to write programs behaving like a web-browser). To install it for ActiveState perl, type:
install libwww-perl
for a cpan distribution of perl, type:
perl -MCPAN -e shell
install LWP

There are a lot of other tools out there for creating similar collections, each has its pros and cons. see for yourself: and probably many more...

another tool of mine you might find usefull to harvest comic archives for offline viewing and archiving is wgrab


  Page Author: Heiko Hellweg, Modified: Feb. 2001